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Ashley Lew, August 11 2020

How To Visit Homes During The Pandemic In 2020

Being a home buyer, you’re going to look at multiple properties. And given the circumstances, everybody’s number one concern is safety. We want to ensure that this process is safe for both the owners that live in the property and also yourself, any inspectors that are going in, appraisers, other agents, et cetera.

It’s very important to follow the rules, which means having your own mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, a new pair of booties for each property, etc. Each listing agent has different instructions on how they want those things handled, but it’s listed in the MLS and your agents should be following those rules so that everybody’s safe.

You’re not supposed to be touching light switches, door handles, things like that. Let your agent open the doors for you and turn the lights on for you. The minimal contact that you have with the property, the better.

Also, with COVID comes a new disclosure. Basically, just stating that you’re going to follow all of those rules. Your agent for each property has to send you this disclosure. You have to sign it via DocuSign stating that you’re going to abide by these rules and you understand the severity of everything. Some brokers also have an additional disclosure to go with that of their own just to protect everybody involved.

And then on top of that, appointments are being made. Appointments are pretty much required for any listing that’s on the market right now, whether it’s vacant or occupied. We have to schedule an appointment and send the agent that COVID disclosure as well. It is extremely important to be on time for your scheduled appointment. I think the appointments are scheduled in 30-minute increments right now. Every 30 minutes a new person could be coming in to view the property or maybe if it’s owner-occupied, the owners want to come home.

If you’re bringing along kids, obviously, just plan extra time for that, to get them in and out of the car seats and all that stuff. Yeah, everybody’s pretty much pretty understanding about it, but obviously if there’s another appointment right after yours and someone’s just chilling outside for a minute, that can be an inconvenience that makes them late for their next appointment or you late for your next appointment, et cetera. So just a quick tip

The moral of that story is just be patient, obviously, with your agent, because things aren’t as plain and simple. You can’t just go see a listing whenever you want with no disclosure and no safety precautions and none of the supplies that you need.


Ashley Lew is a Bay Area California Real Estate Agent for Elevate Real Estate. DRE# 02095803

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Ashley Lew

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