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Ashley Lew, July 21 2020

What They Don’t Tell You About Buying a House: Building a Relationship

The buyer-agent relationship, when you start searching for a home, obviously you’re going to contact a real estate agent or a lender, whomever you choose first is up to you. I always say typically that it’s standard that an agent wants to be pre-approved before you go look at homes. That’s also the case with me. However, I was a lender before so I’m happy to help you in the beginning stages of things in regards to tips on your credit and finding a great lender that would work best for you and your situation, things like that.

So when you find an agent that you want to work with, whether it’s someone that you’ve known for a really long time, a friend, a family member, someone that you just met, obviously the number one thing is that you want it to be someone that you trust. Trust is huge. You’re valuing their opinion with something that’s probably the most expensive thing that you’ll ever purchase in your lifetime. And you know that they have like-mind like you do, someone that you can bind with well because you’re going to be spending a lot of time together.

Say, I’m looking for a home. I just want a one bedroom, one bathroom condo in Walnut Creek (California), for instance, but the agent that I’m working with mostly does multimillion dollar listings. That’s okay. I might get a good vibe from that person and they want to work with me and that’s great. But if you feel like they’re too busy for you, or you’d rather work with someone that you’ve known for awhile and they know that market, it’s completely up to you. But I would definitely recommend, it’s appropriate to talk to a couple of different people in the beginning stages. But then once you commit to an agent, you want to commit to that person. There are disclosures and agreements that you can go into with an agent and a buyer, where you agree to not work with another agent because it’s a committed relationship. It’s something, you want loyalty on both ends. You don’t want your agent working with another buyer on the same property that you’re offering on. That’s just not a good situation to be in for multiple reasons.

So I like to give the example of, it’s kind of like a hairstylist. Your stylist will move to different salons, most likely over the lifetime of you seeing them. Or maybe they’re on maternity leave or something and so you see somebody else, or they’re not available, but you always end up going back with them. So, if an agent or your agent that you choose that you trust is not available, obviously we have a team on our end. I have Khristian, my boyfriend, to show you a property if I’m not around. I have my broker who’s amazing who will absolutely show you property if we’re not around, so there’s always that as a second option.

Things that you don’t want to do: don’t contact the listing agent. If you already have an established relationship with your agent, one, it makes your agent look bad like they’re not doing their job, and if they’re not, then move on. But if they are, it just looks poorly on your agent. It’s kind of like getting hairstyling tips or saying, “Oh, I don’t like this about my hair,” and then ask another stylist what they would do. I’m trying to give an example, what they would do instead.

Another thing not to do is, don’t go view homes with another agent, and we’ve already established how that can be prevented. Because we have a team, we have Christian, we have Mike, we have a group of other agents that we work with on a day-to-day basis that would be happy to show you a home.

Things to do: get pre-approved, and then trust your agent. We’ve already gone over that, so perfect.

Those are my main points and buyer tips for this week in regards to the buyer-agent relationship. I hope that it’s helpful. I know that a lot of agents have different opinions and that’s okay. And a lot of buyers will have different opinions. We just want to work with people that we trust, and we want to work with people that want to work with us and we value those relationships. So we look forward to working with you on your next real estate transaction. And we hope that y’all have a blessed day. Peace!


Ashley Lew is a Bay Area California Real Estate Agent for Elevate Real Estate. DRE# 02095803

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Ashley Lew

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