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Ashley Lew, October 7 2020

Winning Over Home Sellers: Writing Letters From The Heart

What’s up everyone! Ashley here back with some more buyer tips. This week, I want to talk a little bit about writing a letter from the heart to the seller as a buyer.

As the buyer, your agent will oftentimes ask you to write a letter from the heart to the seller in hopes to create a deeper connection with the seller. Sometimes contracts can just be, well, all the time contracts can be really dry, so a nice personal touch is always nice to see. It also allows them to learn a little bit more about you as the buyer. Rather than just seeing your name on a contract and the offer price, it allows them to learn a little bit more about you. Do you have kids? Do you have a dog? Are you going to take care of the home the same way that they did? Et cetera, et cetera. Although offer price is obviously a huge driving factor when a seller is reviewing the offers, letters can also increase your chances of being chosen for the house. Here are some tips for a successful letter from the heart.

The first tip is to be authentic. Coming from a genuine place is much more appealing than something that feels scripted and forced. Feel free to add some personality in there. Be yourself and really let your attributes as a person shine through the words that you put down on paper. This allows you to create that authentic bond between you and the seller.

The next tip I have for you guys is to keep your letter short and sweet. Especially right now in this market, sellers do not have the time nor the patience to comprehend multiple paragraphs about you and your family and how much you love their home, et cetera. I would just say get straight to the point. Add some love and thoughtfulness into the letter, but definitely don’t make it longer than a page. Include a picture of you, and then if you have adorable children or adorable pets, definitely include those in there too.

Then the third tip is to update your letter to be property specific. I’ve come across many letters that are just generically being like, “From the second that we stepped into your home, we were amazed and we loved it and it’s outstanding.” That’s great feedback, however, it sounds too scripted. Not from the heart. Include specific details like, “I love the detail that you put into the fireplace. I really could tell that you thoughtfully chose those finishes,” or, “The backyard is going to be perfect because of the length and size of square footage in the yard for the dog that we have,” things like that.

Also, don’t forget to change the name of the seller that you are addressing in your letter. As a buyer, getting your first offer accepted these days is a little slim. It’s more than likely that you will be writing multiple offer letters to many different homes. That being said, it’s important that you remember to change the seller’s name at the top of the letter. Make sure you are addressing the right person. I received an offer recently and the seller’s names were not my seller’s name. It’s fine, it’s a simple clerical issue and I’m sure that the letter is genuine from the heart, but it’s just some sellers would be like, “Oh, they didn’t even take the time to review.” So yeah, change the name for sure.

In summary, a well thought out letter from the heart can be something that is a great added bonus to what can be a very dry and plain contract, so put some thought into it, be genuine, be yourself. Good luck and I hope that they like your letter.


Ashley Lew is a Bay Area California Real Estate Agent for Elevate Real Estate. DRE# 02095803

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Ashley Lew

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